Excel driving test passes

Congratulations to George Augustin on passing his driving test at Chichester on 23rd April 19                      Well done George          Instructor Robin Butters.

Congratulations to Maxi Morari on passing his driving test at Chichester  3rd April 19 Well done Maxi             instructor Robin Butters.

Congratulations to Sophia Cowtan on passing her Driving Test on the first attempt....                                         Instructor: Steve Yelland                                               March 2019

Congratulations to: Alan Johnson on passing his test first time on an intensive Course with EXCEL                       Instructor: Robin Butters                                                       February 2019

Congratulations to Taylor Gilbert on passing your driving test with Alan Gowdy at Chichester 7th April 2019

Congratulations to

Instructor: Alan Gowdy

Month 2019



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